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Finding What You Want


The Exchange responds to queries on availability and costs of items, and also sends out lists of items for sale. In the past, a hard copy catalog was produced periodically and sent out to registered members of the Exchange. This catalog was sent out by regular mail. The sheer volume of items in inventory (over 15,000), and the high turnover of items has resulted in this method producing obsolete lists before the collector gets them (with 50 pages or more of items). Therefore they are now being posted on this website. Items are listed in the Catalog section of the website and you can browse the catalog listings to see what categories are shown. The catalog is searchable by entering in the item name in the SEARCH BOX and clicking on search.

As more and more use is now being made of electronic media and the internet, the Exchange can generate special lists by computer of the many different categories of items, and the lists can be sent out as attachments to email upon request. Quotes and special packages are also being put together and sent out this way. Want lists are being maintained by computer, and the very scarce items matched to new inventory as it arrives, and the scarce items quoted and sold before the next hardcopy list could even be prepared. Thus those with computers, internet hookups, and email capability have the advantage !!! If you cannot find what you want on the website, contact the Exchange by email or phone and we will be more than happy to help you.

The Exchange also makes use of computerized book search services for locating and selling of books on the internet. There are numerous services being used – these are listed in the LINKS section. It has been determined that this mode is more effective for selling the common items such as recent books, than for locating scarce items such as 1890s magazines. The scarce items tend to be already in collections of National Geographics and generally come in to the exchange when a collection is being liquidated (either purchased or put on consignment). The other benefit of the internet is locating new collectors for membership in the Exchange – see the enrollment form. Membership is free, and allows your special wants to be put in the computer for matching and quoting of items as inventory is added.

A word about prices - consignors are free to set their own prices on items for sale. Thus there are times that you will see different prices on similar items for sale. In general the lowest price for equivalent grade will be charged. Discounts are generally available for quantity purchases, especially for the more common items. Inquire for special deals. If a price is too high on a particular item, feel free to make a counter offer. It will be passed on to the consignor and he might just say YES!!

Selected items are also being listed on internet auction sites – eBay in particular. This can also be reached in the LINKS section.

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