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Who's In Charge?


The Exchange is wholly owned and operated by Nick Koopman. Nick is a National Geographic Collector, has participated in National Geographics Collectors Day during the Society Centennial in 1988, and corresponds with other collectors around the globe. Nick welcomes your correspondance and trades with many of the leading collectors in the world.

Over the years, Nick has acquired an extensive personal National Geographic collection including a complete set of loose, original issues of the magazine going back to volume 1 number 1, October 1888. The personal collection has included all other categories found in the catalog, as Nick collects anything and everything related to National Geographic. Of high current interest are collectibles related to the Hubbard Medal Winners of the National Geographic Society (like dinner programs, letters, signed books, medals, unique items, etc.)

In order to facilitate trading with other collectors, there is a catalog contained in this website. It contains not only information on items for sale, but also items especially wanted, and items known to exist. Each item is marked with a code symbol so the reader can not only see if an item is for sale, or wanted.
Nick will pay a premium for items he wants!!

Nick drives a blazer (click here to view) with a specialty license plate - a picture of it is shown in the upper right corner of some of the website pages.

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